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20 MPH


Up To 80 Miles


iOS, Android



100 NM

of Torque


300 lbs

Ramblas eMTB


Smith Convoy Helmet +
Aventon Hitch Rack +
Aventon Water Bottle Cage +
Aventon Foldable Lock +
Aventon Fanttik Portable Air Pump - X8 Apex +
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Ramblas eMTB is available in 4 sizes to suit most adults.

Frame SizeSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Seat Tube Length380mm410mm450mm490mm
Top Tube Length Horizontal594.5mm616.5mm642mm668mm
Bottom Bracket Drop55mm55mm55mm55mm
Head Tube Length125mm125mm135mm135mm
Head Tube Angle66.5°66.5°66.5°66.5°
Seat Tube Angle74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°
Rear Chainstay Length465mm465mm465mm465mm
Front Wheel Center720mm744mm770.5mm796mm
Stack Height640mm656.5mm665mm665mm
Fork Length530mm547mm547mm547mm
Fork Offset44mm44mm44mm44mm
Rider Height (Range)155 – 165 cm 5’1″ – 5’5″165 – 176 cm 5’5″ – 5’9″177 – 188 cm 5’10” – 6’2″188 – 195 cm 6’2″ – 6’5″


There are generally three classes of electric bikes or ebikes, which are classified based on the level of assistance provided by the electric motor:


Class 1 ebikes: These bikes are equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and can only reach a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).


Class 2 ebikes: These bikes are equipped with a motor that can provide assistance up to a speed of 20 mph (32 km/h), even when the rider is not pedaling. Class 2 ebikes also have a throttle that can be used to activate the motor that will max out at 20 mph!


Class 3 ebikes: These bikes are equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, but the motor can assist up to a speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). Class 3 ebikes can come with a throttle. It’s important to note that most Class 3 ebikes do not come with a throttle. The 28 mph top speed is on pedal assist only. If an ebike is equipped with a throttle, it would max out at 20 mph.


In addition to the speed and motor specifications, there may be additional regulations or restrictions on ebikes depending on the region or country where they are being used. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific laws and regulations in your area to ensure that you are using your ebike safely and legally.


Ramblas eMTB

Carve out the uncommon route with Ramblas, Aventon’s first-ever electric mountain bike (eMTB) with an intelligent mid-drive motor. Rugged and reliable, this hardtail, all-terrain ebike offers the ultimate comfort on mountain trails or city streets. Engage its three pedal assist levels, top speed of 20 mph, and range of up to 80 miles to roam, ramble, and revel in the more dynamic side of the ride. With Ramblas, it’s mountain time, all the time.


Aventon’s Ramblas comes equipped with a first-ever mid-drive motor for the Aventon line-up. The mid-drive is Aventon-designed offering riders personalized tuning capabilities through the Aventon app for an amplified natural riding experience. Adjust the three PAS levels to fine-tune its overall rideability.

*Aventon has the right without notice to the consumer to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised Aventon ebike components in the event of the unavailability of such advertised components. More info

*Prop 65 Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

What People Are Saying

Ross Harrison


This is the one!!

100/10! Best bike on the market for sure. This is the one!

>> replied:

Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review. Cheers to some major fun in your future!

Eduardo Neira


So much fun!

Amazing! Have so much fun. Motor is great and smooth!

>> replied:

Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review. Cheers to some major fun in your future!



Best in class for the price point

Did a lot of research to find the right bikes for us. The Ramblas is hands down the best value out there for the price point, rigid rear-end, and mid-motor. Bike design is well thought out and the components are of the same caliber as bikes in the $4-$5K range. I appreciate the ability to upgrade or add some minor mods to personalize and Aventon’s hallmark, frame size range. The small was perfect for my wife at 5.1 and the XL for me at 6.3 The software is intuitive and easy to use and the ability to tweak motor output and settings is a bonus. Would like to see a rear suspension model by the time we are ready to upgrade. Bikes shipped extremely fast, we received them in 2 days and live in a forest, miles from the closest small town. Kudos to the team at Aventon!

>> replied:

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Ramblas eMTB. We’re thrilled to hear that you and your wife found the perfect bikes for your needs. Thank you for choosing Aventon, and cheers to all the amazing rides in your future!

Jesse Crockett


I bought this exact bike. I love it, to me it is worth every penny. I received it in a week from ordering. I live in one of the best places to mountain bike in the world. I have struggled since my first knee surgery 15 years ago to get the power in my right leg. I was over 50 and worried my biking days were gone. I assembled it and rode 27 miles in less than 2 hours most of it in eco mode on a double track trail. I felt a work out but I wasnt exhausted. The customizable power makes it so you can tune your ride so it is still a bike with extra assist when you need it. I dont dread big hills or riding into the wind any more. I look forward to getting exercise and dont worry if my legs are going to give out before I make it home. What an incredible bike to make me feel 21 again. I stopped for a couple on a horse inpassing they told me that was the best looking bike they had ever seen on the trails in the area. I would have to agree. Thank you Aventon.

A bike that makes me feel 21 again

>> replied:

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a glowing review for our Ramblas eMTB. We are thrilled to hear that it has given you the feeling of being 21 again. Our goal is to create bikes that not only provide an excellent riding experience, but also allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the outdoors. Happy trails!

Z Tibbs


Longtime Rider, First eBike / eMTB and I will never go back

I had been looking and wanting a eBike since I sold my motorcycle but glad I waited till I found this one. Rode my dads Adventure but wanted something more light and capable and found it here. Super easy to ride and operate, pedal and go…My gf rode it once and I am pretty sure I sold her. Pleasantly surprised with the battery life and all components so far. Understand the limitation of 20mph but like most would love a little extra just because but you feel like superman when on turbo so not necessary just would be nice. Have and will continue to recommend to all my friends so we can go riding together.u Aventon.

>> replied:

Thank you for taking the time to leave a wonderful review for our Ramblas eMTB. We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying your first eBike experience and that it has exceeded your expectations. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to assist you and make sure you have the best riding experience possible. Happy trails!