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Glacier National Park Raft Rentals

Prices Start at $75

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Rent a Raft on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. We're right next to the lake.

Glacier Park Raft Rentals Flathead Outdoors

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to navigate the lake and see the beauty of the area.


With more stability and room than a Kayak or Paddle board it’s a perfect way to get out on the lake, especially if you have small kids and want to “contain” them in the raft. We know how challenging it can be to wrangle the kiddos out on the water and the raft is an excellent choice to get them out giving you enough space to pack a lunch and put the kids in the middle.


Easy enough to transport with one person but preferrably two, it’s just a short walk from the pickup location at Eddie’s cafe down to the lake.


Rent a Raft from Flathead Outdoors and we include all the necessary items to get you guys out there relaxing on the lake for a few hours or all day depending on what you want to do!


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We offer


  • 2 hour
  • Half day
  • Full day
  • And 24 hour rentals.


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Just a few minutes walk down to the water from our location at Eddie’s Cafe in Apgar Village we are the closest rental spot to the lake!

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Prices Start at $75

Paddle Your Worries Away on the Peacefullness of Lake McDonald

Nestled within the stunning Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald is a true gem of natural beauty. To make the most of your time on this picturesque lake, Flathead Outdoors offers an exhilarating and easy way to explore its waters. Our 3 Person raft that supports up to 594lbs.


The raft offers some unique advantages over traditional kayaks and paddle boards. We’ll highlight some key benefits that make it an ideal choice for families with small children.


  • Unmatched Stability and Comfort:


One of the standout features of the raft is its exceptional stability, making it perfect for families with young children. Unlike kayaks, which require a degree of balance and skill to maneuver, the inflatable raft offers a spacious and secure platform for your family to enjoy their time on the water. The Tobin Sports Canyon Pro’s wide and durable design ensures minimal rocking, granting parents peace of mind while enabling children to move freely without the risk of tipping over. With enough space for up to three people, this inflatable raft is perfect for a family outing.


  • Enhanced Safety Features:


When it comes to water activities, safety is of paramount importance, particularly when young children are involved. Our raft is equipped with several safety features that provide peace of mind for parents. The inflatable raft features multiple air chambers, which ensure that even in the unlikely event of a puncture, the vessel remains afloat. Additionally, the raft’s sturdy construction and reinforced handles offer a secure grip for easy boarding and exiting. It also comes with a reliable safety rope, allowing you to easily tow it back to shore if needed.


Embarking on a family adventure at Glacier National Park’s Lake McDonald is a dream come true. And our 3 person raft available for rent from Flathead Outdoors, is the perfect companion to make your lake adventure an epic day!


Its unmatched stability, ease of use, and enhanced safety features make it an excellent alternative to traditional kayaks.

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We rent high-quality E-bikes that provide you with hours of comfortable fun while you explore Glacier National Park, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, and the surrounding Flathead Valley in silence.

20-40 Mile Range
Fits 5′ and Above
Rear bag to carry extras

Flat Fix Kit
Front Suspension
7 Speeds

Paddle Board Rentals

One of the best ways to get out and explore Lake McDonald inside of Glacier National Park is from a paddle board.

Life Jacket
10L Dry Bag

• Bungees with Carabiners to hook the boards together and float side by side

• Wheel kit for easy transportation from Eddie’s cafe down to the water. Just a few min

Lake McDonald Raft Rentals

Enjoy the comfort and Stability of a small raft for your entire family.

• Great for families with Small Children
• Fits 3 Adult or 2 adults with 2-3 Small Children
• Very Stable
• Life Jackets Included
2 Paddles
10L Dry Bag

2 Person Kayaks

Rent one of our 2 Person Kayaks in Glacier National Park and paddle around Lake McDonald in comfort and ease. These kayaks easily hold 2 people with a max weight capacity of 440lbs.

Includes 2 life jackets

• 2 Paddles

• Dry Bag

• Bungees with carabiners


If you are looking to get out and Dirtbike in the surrounding areas of Flathead Valley Montana, Whitefish, Kalispell, Bigfork, Lakeside, Columbia Falls and just outside of Glacier National Park then you have found the spot!


All Riding and Safety Gear Included
Bike transported to trailaddle
Explore off the beaten areas away from the crowds!
2022 Husqvarna TE 300i / GasGas EC300 / GPX TSE 250R or GPX FSE 300R

Adventure Motorcycles

If you are looking to get out and ride motorcycles in Glacier National Park or the surrounding areas of Flathead Valley Montana, Whitefish, Kalispell, Bigfork, Lakeside and Columbia Falls then you have to experience the paved and dirt roads on our brand new Yamaha Tenere 700s!


• All Riding and Safety Gear Included

• Camping gear can be included

• Explore off the beaten areas away from the crowds!

• 2022 Yamaha Tenere 700

Electric DirtBikes

Book your electric dirtbike tour today and create memories that will last a lifetime! With hundred of miles of Trails and Dirt Roads to ride on we have something for all skill levels. Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle.



All Riding and Safety Gear Included

• Bike transported to trail

• Explore where others can’t

• Electric Dirtbike that can go up to 48mph!


The Best Guides Around​

Kyle Allred the lead guide and owner of Flathead Outdoors and SnowBike Nation is an experienced rider with 25 years of 2 wheeled riding, and trained as a Wilderness First Responder and will provide you with an unparalleled experience in the mountains and roads of Montana. Growing up in Idaho and traveling to visit his family every summer in Montana left Kyle with an unquenchable thirst for exploration and getting off the beaten path. He’s lived in the Flathead Valley since 2008 but His Great Grandpa, Grandpa, and Father all grew up here.


If you are looking for an easy leisurely tour on Dirt and Paved roads he can do that, or if you want the extreme adventure riding this area has to offer then put your big boy and big girl pants on because we have it and Kyle loves it!


From rough dirt roads you can barely drive a four wheeler on, the gnarliest single track you can handle to smooth gravel and paved roads winding through the mountains and the Going to the Sun Road of Glacier National Park, the Flathead Valley has so much amazing motorcycle riding terrain here. And we’ll make sure you see the good stuff off the beaten path away from the crowds on one of our tours!


ALL SKILL LEVELS ACCEPTED HERE. We do not discriminate because we know everyone has to start somewhere.


If you want a personalized and Custom tour catered to your specific needs then you’ve landed in the right place. We promise, your tour will be much different than any other you’ve experienced…


Call or text Kyle today to get your tour set up!