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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where do I get my bike?

You can get your bike in a few different ways. You can either pick up your bikes from our office, at Eddie’s Cafe at Apgar Village in Glacier National Park, or we’ll deliver them to you for a fee, or if you book a tour of course we’ll meet you with the bikes.

What is the difference between an e-bike and e-dirtbike?

Easy… an E-Bike is a Pedal Assisted bike which has a battery, and a hub operated motor that engages as you pedal. There are different modes from 1 – 5 you can choose based off how fast you want to go and how much do you want to pedals. Our e-bikes are also equipped with a throttle that can also be disconnected.

An E-Dirtbike is like a dirtbike but smaller, there is no shifting gears, and no clutch to use. Our E-Dirtbikes have some serious power for those looking for it, but we can also dial it down easily for beginners. There is no pedaling, only a throttle and brake and boy are they fun! We’ve taken many people who are brand new to dirtbikes and never before ridden one and they do wonderful on our e-dirtbikes! Check them out here to see what they are all about and call us if you have any questions and want to book your tour on one!

What do I need to bring on a tour?

We provide all the gear you need, helmets for all of our bikes and for our Dirtbike and E-Dirtbike tours – riding boots, gloves, pants and backpacks. Bring the snacks and drinks you want but we’ll always have extra of those too! We’ll let you know as well if you should bring anything extra.

How do I transport the e-bikes?

If you have a bike carrier (must be rated for e-bikes), you can rent one from us, a truck with a  tailgate (we have tailgate covers) or a trailer. And as we mentioned we can also deliver them for a fee.

How far can we go on the e-bikes?

That depends on you! How much do you weigh, how much are you pedaling vs allowing the motor to work hard, are you going uphill a lot vs. more moderate or downhill? Typically on moderate road riding we’ll get 25-40 miles, maybe a bit more depending on terrain and how much pedal assist you use.

I will tell you this. If you are riding the Glacier Park Going to the Sun Road

You can make it to the top of Logan Pass from Avalanche Lake trailhead parking lot. And it’s all downhill coming back so there isn’t much work to be done coming back!

What happens if the weather is bad?

Well… this is Montana. You better be prepared for bad or inclement weather when you visit. Not to scare you but we’ve been known to have a snowstorm in June and even July (though rare). Look, if you are traveling outside in Montana you just have to be prepared for bad weather.

And what’s bad weather to one is great weather to others. We Montanans like the cool 50 and 60 degree weather. Just wear appropriate clothing and if you need any clothing or gear at all make sure to stop by Army Navy in Kalispell or Whitefish. This is not your typical Army Navy store, they have EVERYTHING you could need with a HUGE assortment of clothing available to keep you dry and warm if you need it.

The motto is “Be Prepared!”

Just make sure you have some warm clothes if you’ll be out all day. It still can get cold at night here even in the summer. But I promise you this, it will be beautiful, even if it is cold or cloudy! This area is amazing.